Church Bookstand

church book standNew books from Catholic Truth Society

A collection of CTS best sellers are now made available on our bookstand at the back to the Church. If you are looking to learn more about your faith or a companion guide to your prayer life pick up a copy of any of the best sellers we have on offer. The booklets are an excellent resource that Catholics need to help them gain a deeper understanding of their faith and to share it with others. The booklets are attractive, truthful, engaging and affordable. Get yours today! 


New Hospital Prayer Book A new Hospital Prayer book €2.50

A Catechism of Christian Doctrine A Catechism of Christian Doctrine €2.50

Devotion to the Sacred Heart A devotion to the Sacred Heart €2.50

A Simple Prayer Book A simple Prayer Book €2.50

 Stations of the Cross with Pope Francis Stations of the Cross with Pope Francis €2.50

Credo Credo €3     Plus Many More Title...Dont forget to leave your donation to cover costs in the box provided. Thank You